Something Good for SD

South Dakota is in tough spot with COVID-19 right now — especially healthcare workers trying to tend to sick patients. It will be a dark holiday season. 

I was born and raised in South Dakota, and my sister, Molly Noem Fulton, is an artist living in Vermillion. The Mt. Rushmore State is home and these are our people, so we’re here to bring a little light if we can.

We’d each like to offer one of our creative works to support folks in South Dakota who are hurting right now. Molly’s piece is a 5×5 archival print, and is part of a series of work she did this year about the land in South Dakota. And in my book, all the characters are named after South Dakota cities, counties, or landmarks. 

So here’s the deal: For $25, we’ll send you a copy of my novel and a print of Molly’s artwork — and we’ll send all proceeds to the Coronavirus Relief Fund from the South Dakota Community Foundation. If that’s up your alley, we’re taking orders between now and Dec. 1 and will have both the book and the print delivered before Christmas.

BUT WAIT — THERE’S MORE. Because our healthcare workers are bearing the burden of this pandemic in a unique way, we hope you might see these works as a way to tell them thank you. If you know someone working to fight Covid and would like to offer them a gesture of hope and support for Christmas, may we suggest making this book and print a gift for them that benefits South Dakotans who are hurting right now?

Here’s why: I wrote my novel, The End of Ending, as a testament to hope — it tells the story of people catching something that’s actually making them well instead of sick. And, paired with Molly’s print — which is titled “Resurrection” — together, we might be able to brighten what is looking to be a dark winter for these doctors and nurses.

Either way, here’s how you can place an order:

  • Venmo $25 to @Josh-Noem, or send a check for that amount to Josh Noem, 17730 Waxwing Lane, South Bend, IN 46635.
  • Be sure to include a shipping address so we know where to send the book and print.
  • Dec. 1 is the last day to order so that we can have the novel and artwork delivered before Christmas.

Things feel hard right now, let’s do something good to brighten someone’s winter. Help us support those in South Dakota who are suffering from this pandemic, especially those healthcare workers who are giving everything they have to this fight.

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